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Support Page and general FAQ for Producer's Edge Digital Magazine

1. I'm not getting updates and information as an eXtra Content Subscriber.

Producer's Edge uses the email address you originally used to subscribe with for email blasts. When a new issue drops, a subscriber's package with download details is sent to all registered subscribers. Check your email and please use the transaction information in your confirmation in any correspondence sent to our tech support to help us find your account.

2. I've haven't gotten a magazine in a long time. Is my information correct?

In the fall of 2008, Producer's Edge made the switch to becoming Producer's Edge Digital Magazine. Regular subscribers were elevated to eXtra Content or XC Subscribers. All subscriptions were doubled in length and quantity and the media presented on the DVD-ROM is now made available as an electronic download.

3. What do I get as a subscriber if the magazine is online and free?

eXtra Content subscribers receive an additional download related to many of the adverts in the magazine along with special offers and promotions. This usually includes sounds, samples and software. You will not be receiving a print magazine.

4. My XC Subscriber name or password doesn't seem to be working.

Please use copy and paste to avoid typos. And note; the text entry fields count SPACES AS CHARACTERS. Avoid having your mouse selection pick up more than just your username and password. There's a three day grace period between password updates. If you see that a week has passed between the time we sent you the email blast and the day you attempt to download your XC Subscriber content, send an email with your account information to TechSupport@ProducersEdgeMagazine.com and request the current information.

5. I got my download instructions, followed them, but the files look funny.

Producer's Edge now compresses files using WinZip; a utility installed in every computer. WinZip and WinRar are both freely available as downloads on the internet if your machine does not have any versions installed. Right-click and "Save Target As…" and choose the location for your archive. These files have been thoroughly tested. If you experience any corruption, please download the files again.

6. So you're not a print magazine anymore?

We will not be returning to print this year. The economic challenges facing the United States has caused every facet of the print industry to reconsider their habits and practices. As a bold and brand new publication without limits, we were in a unique position to modernize our approach and adapt to these difficult times. It's obvious to all involved; this format allows us a greater reach and a more immediate connection with readers while allowing more resources to be pointed at making Producer's Edge a true leader in the music production community. Wordy, but real.

7. It's hard to read a digital magazine…the print is too small.

Zoom in, silly. The mouse wheel or scroll allows you to zoom in so close; one word can fill your entire screen! We use a specialized engine that scopes the area of zoom and allows print and images to retain their sharpness- even at close magnifications.

8. I want to hold the magazine in my hands and take articles with me to work or anywhere my computer...can't go.

There is a print function in the toolbar of the Digital Edition. You cannot download the magazine as a PDF.

9. What's an Easter Egg?

Telling you spoils the fun. XC Subscribers don't need to look for them.

For any other issues not covered here please reference the general FAQ. You can also hit us with additional concerns at Techsupport@producersedgemagazine.com. Thank you for your support.

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