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Producer's Edge Magazine F.A.Q.

1. What exactly is Producer's Edge Magazine about?

Producerís Edge Magazine is dedicated to the creative aspect of music production with a focus on the tools used to bring ideas into reality. Producerís Edge is one of the first to utilize a multi-media format as a Digital Magazine with embedded video, audio and live downloads.

2. What's inside the magazine?

The interviews run the gamut from today's top names, inspirations from famed legends and a glimpse of the future on Who's' Next. The Industry Insider gives you an honest look at how the wheels turn behind the music business. Other features will center on the newest Hardware and Software designed to lay down your musical ideas. Our articles are aimed at educating, enlightening and informing the artist or business owner in regards to available resources and services. The material we present deals with the production of Hip Hop, R&B and Rap and the culture behind it.

3. Who is your competition?

We actually have no competition. We exist to fill a void in the print world and magazine stand. No other journal has such a keen focus and delivers such important and timely features and stories. We are not here to give you our opinions. We are not here to tell you what to buy. We are here to give you the type of useful information that will allow you to make informed decisions about your career.

4. What's in the digital Edition?

The In Studio Series will feature artists and producers in the lab. This is part of the behind the scenes access that answers the most important questions about workflow, ethic and production techniques. We include real world tutorials to add to your knowledge base or give insight to studio gear you may be researching, demos of today's Software and Hardware products and the development process of tomorrows classic. Sounds and samples to get you started with a functioning library to craft your music. Again, we focus on the production process and very little on idle entertainment.

5. Who should be buying this magazine?

The better question is- Who would not benefit from reading a music production journal like Producer's Edge Magazine? If you are an aspiring artist who wants to know where to take his energies next- you should be reading. If you are inside the industry and want to know what trends to adapt to next- you should be reading. Are you asking the most common question about your talent or product- if your question is What do I do next? The answer is simple. Subscribe to Producer's Edge Magazine.

6. How can I get down?

We don't fill our pages with unsigned hype, but we will provide you with the necessary tools and avenues to promote your latest offering. We have great respect for the journalist and take in freelance articles often. If it's production related and forwards the producer cause, we're all in. Our pieces are well researched in-depth analysis with the theme of proving a pathway for music production. For that reason alone, we have very few reviews for music and products. If you would like to offer input or feedback to any of the features in the magazine or its accompanying media you can reach us through the channels listed on the website. WWW.ProducersEdgeMagazine.com.

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