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Independent Retailers!

   To carry this premium Music Production publication in your store, please send emails to Retail@ProducersEdgeMagazine.com including the Name of the store, a Shipping/Billing Address, a Contact, Telephone Number and the Number of Copies you would like. Thank you for supporting Producer's Edge Magazine.

*For single service subscriptions please visit our Subscriptions Page.

Here is a list of known retailers from the issue 01 launch. This is only a list of retailer chains that carry the magazine and NOT a list of stores. For some of the locations I did include states with significant orders to increase the chances of actually finding a magazine there! For a huge retailer like Books-A-Million itís assumed to be in every location, but thereís no way we can guarantee that. We will continue to update the list with corrections and additions. Thank you for your support of Producerís Edge magazine.

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