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  Producers Edge Magazine is simply a tool to assist in the fleshing out of your creative inspirations. We are attempting to provide you with a musical road map to guide you on the journey from beatmaker to full fledged producer. Along the way we'll walk with video tutorials and eventually have your business up and running. Beyond the typical studio questions like 'Which monitor is best for this much money?' or "What mic should I use for vocals?' we will focus on the more difficult issues like sample clearance and artist contracts. Expect an open dialogue dealing with the most important aspects of monitoring your business or establishing a viable career in music.

  For the veteran musician we will focus on advanced techniques in both hardware and software to bring out the full potential of your set up and help cut down your production time. PE magazine will also visit the legendary units (and artists) that created classic records we love still to this day.

  For the aspiring artist, we will dig into the creative process and offer a rare glimpse into the source of inspiration from some of today's biggest hit makers. Our mission will be to create a comfort zone between you, the musician, and the tools you use to create- which will allow a better focus on making the 'beat in your head' a reality. Along the way we hope to remind you of where Hip Hop has been, share thoughts on the current state of Rap Music and see the future come into focus at the hands of this new generation of producers.

  Our DVD will be packed with demos of both software and hardware and a generous helping of tutorials to get you creating music and not just scanning through a poorly written table of contents. The In Studio feature gives you an insiders look at the work ethic and project flow behind many skilled and talented producers as they flesh out tomorrow's hits from today's creative spark. Just to get you going we have included BPM accurate acapellas and a generous offering of samples in various formats to start you off with. So, with a small measure of patience and trust, we will do our best to push your movement forward and give you the Producers Edge.

Yours in the lab,
Drew Spence Editor In chief
Producers Edge Digital Magazine

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